Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting with The Kid: Part Two

Before we left to vote, The Kid and I watched the news while Barack Obama cast his vote in Hyde Park, IL. It was exciting for The Kid to watch and to know that this presidential candidate was in "his city."

After the coverage, we headed out to our polling place. It was 9ish a.m. and I was able to walk right in, no lines--which makes sense at that time--and they had my voter registration information. I didn't use a voting machine, but rather voted with a paper ballot as they were still having voter machine issues. The Kid was very good throughout, and excited to receive an "I Voted Today" sticker. It went smoothly and quickly.

As we walked back out to the parking lot, I was talking to The Kid about how important it is to vote, what it means, etc. The Kid interrupted me and asked, "So, mommy, when do we vote?" A bit surprised I said, "Honey, we just did!" He stopped walking, scratched his head and replied, "That was it?! When is Obama coming? I thought he was going to be here, too!"

Voting with The Kid

Okay, I just put up my last post, and within seconds of waking up The Kid jumped out of bed, ran around the corner, jumped out into the family room, scared the pissed out of me, and yelled out at the top of his lungs: "Don't forget about OBAMA!!! We have to vote today!!! Let's go. NOW!"

Soooo, we've already come up with a voting plan to deal with long lines, if necessary, which I don't think we'll need by the time we hit the booths. But, The Kid insists, so we are going to bring a backpack with coloring books, crayons, and stickers, and a snack and a drink. JUST IN CASE.

Update from Aqua Man: 5 of the 6 Voting Machines are not working properly. They are finally using paper ballots to deal with this. By the time he voted, 5 booths opened up and were using paper ballots and 1 booth was electronic. So they were able to get things moving. However, because of the initial long wait due to Voter Machine failures and the number of people in line, many people had to still get out of line, without voting, and head off to catch their train in order to be on work on time.

Just One Thing To Say:


Vote whether the lines are long; Vote whether you think your candidate can win, or not; Vote whether you are undecided; Vote whether the weather is good, or not.

Exercise your voice and your views, within this context, and Vote!
Right now Aqua Man is at our local polling station. They opened at 6:00am, he arrived at 5:50am. There were already about 100 people standing in line. There are 6 voting booths, plenty of workers, BUT only 1 voting booth that is working. Ridiculous. Let's hope that this particular poll gets things together. People are needing to vote before they head to work, need to catch a train into the city, etc.

I will be voting later, when Aqua Man comes home. But now, because his polling line is moving so slow, I will have to take The Kid with me to vote. This will definitely be a first for me: voting with my child. I am getting a plan together, as I write, to deal with a child and waiting in long lines. I'll let you know later how it went...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Catching Up

It's been awhile since I've taken some time for myself. Today is that day. I am posting to my blogs, listening to some music, watching a few You Tube videos, including this one from Bright Eyes and, catching up on my reading. YES, I REALLY KNOW HOW TO PARTY.

Anyway, here are a few more thoughts for today. First and foremost just wanted to encourage everyone to get out and vote on Tuesday, if you haven't already voted early. Vote whether it is nice out, or whether it is raining and cold. Vote whether you think your candidate can win, or not. Vote, vote, vote!

Second, just a thought to add to the many eloquent reflections on the passing of Studs Terkel. I thank him for introducing me to work that celebrated and allowed the voices of those, perhaps, otherwise unheard. One of my favorite stories, introduced to me by one of my favorite professors in a performance class in college, comes from his book, Studs Terkel's "Coming of Age: The Story Of Our Century By Those Who've Lived It."

Third, on a personal note, I am happy to say that I have graduated from physical therapy and have mostly gained normal mobility again! Yes, I still have to do exercises, and yes, sometimes my knee still hurts, but, I am mobile again. Just this morning I was finally able to walk the 1 1/2 miles into town and back. I have been visualizing this in my morning meditations for the past 11 weeks. I was so grateful to finally be able to do this.

Too Much Before 10:00 a.m.?

I still haven't finished my first, full cup of coffee, yet I've some how been able to pull off dancing, singing and staging "Kung Fu combat" with The Kid in our small family room. The inspiration? The song "Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting" and the You Tube video of Shaolin Monk's performing demonstrations of Kung Fu. Naturally. You can see it all here.

Yes, I will accept that "Mother of the Year Award" now. Thanks.