Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just One Thing To Say:


Vote whether the lines are long; Vote whether you think your candidate can win, or not; Vote whether you are undecided; Vote whether the weather is good, or not.

Exercise your voice and your views, within this context, and Vote!
Right now Aqua Man is at our local polling station. They opened at 6:00am, he arrived at 5:50am. There were already about 100 people standing in line. There are 6 voting booths, plenty of workers, BUT only 1 voting booth that is working. Ridiculous. Let's hope that this particular poll gets things together. People are needing to vote before they head to work, need to catch a train into the city, etc.

I will be voting later, when Aqua Man comes home. But now, because his polling line is moving so slow, I will have to take The Kid with me to vote. This will definitely be a first for me: voting with my child. I am getting a plan together, as I write, to deal with a child and waiting in long lines. I'll let you know later how it went...

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