Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting with The Kid: Part Two

Before we left to vote, The Kid and I watched the news while Barack Obama cast his vote in Hyde Park, IL. It was exciting for The Kid to watch and to know that this presidential candidate was in "his city."

After the coverage, we headed out to our polling place. It was 9ish a.m. and I was able to walk right in, no lines--which makes sense at that time--and they had my voter registration information. I didn't use a voting machine, but rather voted with a paper ballot as they were still having voter machine issues. The Kid was very good throughout, and excited to receive an "I Voted Today" sticker. It went smoothly and quickly.

As we walked back out to the parking lot, I was talking to The Kid about how important it is to vote, what it means, etc. The Kid interrupted me and asked, "So, mommy, when do we vote?" A bit surprised I said, "Honey, we just did!" He stopped walking, scratched his head and replied, "That was it?! When is Obama coming? I thought he was going to be here, too!"

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