Monday, July 14, 2008

Speaking of Journey

So, I check the calendar today and realize that it has been three months since I last put up a post. Three months! Okay, wow. I didn't realize that so much time had passed since I last wrote.

How to catch you up on things? I don't know that I can do this very well. There has been so much change, so much waiting, and shifting and moving that I don't know that I can fill you in properly. I'll just share that there have been changes in our address, changes in Aqua Man's career, changes in relationships and with our family. There almost isn't an area in our lives that hasn't been changed. Basically, so many things that have been in the works, most for a long, long time, have finally gone through. And, as a result, lots of changes have occurred.

And more change is still occurring. Thankfully it's almost all positive, at this point in time. And although almost every aspect of my life and my families life has changed, there is a feeling of calm and balance surrounding it. Don't get me wrong, it's not without its trials and challenges, but overall, not an unsettling experience. Again, perhaps because the ground work was laid well ahead of time, in some cases years before, and then finally--boom--the right time, place, and opportunity came through. Perhaps this is why things still feel more balanced than imbalanced.

Like my oldest, dearest BFF says; life is a series of ups and downs, its nature is to constantly change. When you realize this, you can then enjoy the "up times" even more, appreciating them, knowing that "down times" will come, but when they do, you will be prepared for them because you know they won't last forever.

So, perhaps in future posts I will share more specifics, but for now I can put it best by saying that I am truly grateful and enjoying the "up" times that have come our way.

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