Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Should We Stay Or Should We Go. Now?

One of the big changes that has occurred over the past few months is that we have left our previous residence, moved out of state back to my hometown and have been staying with my family-my sister, her hubby, and their kids to be exact-while we search for a rental home. They have been unbelievably gracious, generous and just overall awesome hosts, not to mention a whole lot of fun to live with. They are known, among family and friends, for their constant generosity and love of having a good time. Living here has been nothing short of mind blowing to see how open and giving they really are to all who come across their paths. So to say that our transition has been "easy" because of how comfortable they have made us feel living in their home is a total understatement.

During this time, we have been looking and looking and looking for places to live. Nothing so far has been the right combination of factors that we are looking for: a neighborhood that we can see ourselves really enjoying living in; the right distance for Aqua Man's work; the right school for The Kid; the right area for me to offer my work; the right distance to the city; the right home for me to work out of; and of course, that pesky little detail of the right price. We have seen A LOT OF CRAP along the way. A lot.

Even though I'm back in my hometown-which I haven't lived in in over 11 years-we are concentrating on finding a place about 30 minutes from here, so it's a totally new area to cover. With the many factors that come with relocating to a new state, especially that The Kid is starting Kindergarten in the fall, we have been very fortunate to not be rushed by my family. Yet, this being said, we so Do. Not. Want. To. Be. Freeloaders!

So after lots of looking and researching and calling and searching we think we've found a rental home. We have a few final details to work out, and possibly by tomorrow it may all come together. And, if so, it could be as soon as next week that we could start moving in.

Even with all of the time that we have been living here-5 weeks now-my family is still saying, "Don't rush. There's no need to move unless its perfect!" Most people would be throwing us out by now!

Good people-you gotta love em-and feel really lucky when you can count them as friends, and family.

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