Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Numbers on My Mind

*Yesterday I just realized that I currently live 1, 171 miles away from where I was raised.

*I haven't lived in my childhood state in over 11 years.

*During the last 18 years I have moved more times than I can accurately count but I think it's around 32 times or so by now. Some were big moves, some were small, some where temporary stays, but if it required me to pack boxes, I count it as a move.

*One day I'd like to sit down, list all of the addresses of the places I've lived, and then add up the total distance from those place in comparison to the address of where I first lived and then moved from. Overall I think it would be fun to add up the total miles I've covered over my years of moving.

*I predict that aside from an interesting number-probably higher than I realize-I would learn that no matter how many times I've moved, or where I've lived, where ever I go, there I am.

It's both a comforting and confounding thought.

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