Sunday, December 7, 2008

On Fear

Lately, I've been slowly moving in a new direction. As part of this movement, I have been required to face several negative and long held views about myself which serve to create and sustain a good deal of fear in my life. I don't like seeing these fears or, often, even admitting them to myself. In the past, that would mean I wouldn't even mention them to my closest friends because I would be too afraid to show them the most vulnerable parts of myself.

But, yesterday, as part of my continued commitment to moving forward, I was texting with Kicking-Ass-And-Taking-Names-Grrrl, one of my best friends from college, and revealed one of these fears. Her response was wise, simple, surprising, to the point, and timely. Overall, a much needed kick in my ass and a new way to re-frame my mind frame. She said, "Don't hold yourself down. Let others try to block you, but you can't go anywhere if you are blocking yourself." If you are struggling with fear in your own life, I hope her words bring you some needed comfort and clarity, as well.

Here's to kicking fear's ass--or, even better, not engaging with fear at all--and moving forward in life.

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