Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Like Riding A Bike

I had my second physical therapy appointment on Monday, and I go again today. I met with a new PT and this session was way more intense than my first session. I walked in and met my new PT, and he was all, "Hi, how are you! (including enthusiastic, strong, hand crushing hand-shake. Gulp.) Why don't you get started by riding the stationary bike? Go, on, jump up there and get started. I'll check back in a minute!"

And I was all like, "Um, yeah. He, he, he. You see, while I totally want to be cooperative and I'm all about healing, the thing is Mr. PT, there are two issues with this idea. 1) Jumping. Jumping concerns me. I can't really step, let alone jump. And 2) Riding a bike? A bike? The thing with the pedals that go round and round? Right. Um, not to point out the obvious, but, uh, doesn't that require one's knee to be able to bend? Okay, great, just checking.

So, I didn't jump up. I used my crutches and a step up stool and the help of a PT assistant, and low and behold, I rode that damn bike! Slow, and with no resistance, but I rode that damn bike! Then I went on to use a recumbent step machine, with resistance, and a stability ball, and weights on my knees, and lots of, I'll say "interesting," strength resistance exercises. And while I'm no stranger to using my body, or working out, I was t-i-r-e-d.

However, it's the first time that I've been able to consistently bend my knee! This was a huge relief; to learn that I can bend it without worrying about blowing my knee cap out (sorry, that was gross!). The movement itself helps to move the fluid out from around my knee cap which then gives me a greater range of motion. This has been so liberating to learn. The creeks, and snaps, and cracks I hear are just part of the healing process (sorry, that was probably gross again? I'm just really into movement and how our body works...).

My session lasted for 1 1/2 hours which took me right up into the time I had to pick up The Kid from school. It was supposed to be just 1 hour, but, Mr. PT is enthusiastic, as I mentioned. And it was pouring rain, again, which makes the logistics of getting where I need to be, on time, and crutching without falling, that much more of a challenge.

So, on my drive home I called Aqua Man and did what I needed to do. I had myself a good cry. I cried for most of the ride. Then one block away from The Kids school I pulled myself together, found the closest parking spot I could, and crutched out to pick up The Kid carefully avoiding puddles. I was so sore from the long session, and so afraid that I wouldn't even be able to get out of the car again to get The Kid. But I did. And I was so afraid that I wouldn't be functional for him. But I was. Thankfully, later that night, I was feeling great with an amazing range of motion.

And yesterday, for the first time in weeks, I took The Kid outside and we went for a very short walk up the street so that he could pick up leaves. And, for that short time, I walked without my crutches (the goal is to "ween me" from these)! Woo-hoo.

Now, let's see what Mr. PT has in store for me today. Yea! Gulp.


Cindy said...

Whoo Hoo for you! It is tough but in the long run or walk or bike or jump you will succeed!

Yoga Grl said...

Hi Cindy! Thanks for your words of encouragement!

Lindsay said...

Head over to
and see what the next step is...

Yoga Grl said...

Wow! Awesome. Thanks, Lindsay. I'll be sure to head over to your site. Thank you!!!