Sunday, September 7, 2008

Trying To Make This The Picture In My Mind

It's not exactly working, yet, but I'm trying to let my mind roll and refresh like these waves.

(St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, June 2, 2008)

And...breath...The past first few weeks of The Kid's kindergarten, in combination with the logistics of getting around on crutches, while dealing with knee pain, and a new home that we've moved into that I haven't yet been able to unpack, shop, or take care of, have been, at times, really, really exasperating. Like, I-want-to-scream-at-the-top-of-my-lungs exasperating. And breath...

On the positive though, my first physical therapy appointment went well in that I was able to get their (despite the pouring rain which made crutching around very dangerous, and despite the fact that our sliding glass door came right off the hinge and fell out right as I was on my way out the door, allowing rain to blow into our carpeted den while I watched helplessly unable to move the door because of my knee, and despite the fact that The Kid was struggling with adjusting to all the new changes lately) and, I successfully made it through! Woo-hoo. I was sore later that night, which I had totally expected, but I also had more mobility as a result of the session. A welcome relief and sign of hope for my rehab in general.

Now, if I could just crutch my way back to this beach, and hang out there for the day tomorrow. I'd sit with my toes pushed deep into the warm, white sand, while listening to the waves crash onto the shore and the birds crying out overhead, feeling the warm sun healing my body.

Yes, I'm definitely going there tomorrow.

Well, not literally, since I'm over a thousand miles away now, but mentally, for sure. I'm there.

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