Thursday, August 28, 2008

Calling It As He Sees It

Over the years I've come up with a few enduring nicknames for The Kid and one of them is "bumps." He's always been a very physical child and although he is a movement oriented person with a sense of grace, he still collects a good deal of bumps and bruises, especially on his legs.

Last night I had to have an MRI as ordered by the Orthopedic doctor I'm now seeing about my knee. Aqua Man and The Kid drove me to my appointment, and when we arrived at the parking lot I said to The Kid, "Okay, bumps, we're here." I realized the irony in calling The Kid that nickname at the exact moment I was grappling with swinging my injured knee out the door with out smacking my leg or dropping my crutches on the ground.

So I said, "It's funny that I'm calling you bumps, when I'm the one on crutches."

The Kid giggled, and said "Yea, that's right Mommy!"

Adding, "You're the one with the STICKS!"

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