Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Spectacular Wrench

Last Tuesday night I was walking into a local coffee house to grab a quick drink before heading home to get some more work done. I walked in, took about three steps off of the runner, and violently slipped and fell on the wet floor, twisting and hitting my left knee on the ground. Luckily, I was able to grab the hand railing with my right arm to help break my fall-and if I hadn't, things would have been a lot worse-but my left leg splayed out in front of me, twisted and hit the ground. Hard. It was a a total freak accident, and, frankly, I couldn't have been more surprised had someone thrown a huge bucket of ice water on me when I walked in the front door. Truly a spectacular wrench.

To make things a bit more-hmmmm, how can I put this? SUCKY!-the coffee house staff had just mopped the floors and had not put out any visible "warning! floor is wet" signs near the runner, the top of the ramp, or the area where the floor was soaking wet immediately after walking in the front door! Apparently, while coffee was flowing that night, common sense had run out. GRRRRRRRRRRRR.....

It is now Sunday morning and after coming back from an Urgent Care Center visit yesterday, where I spent a good deal of time waiting to see docs, nurses and getting xrays, I have an initial diagnosis of a sprained knee. Mercifully, they gave me heavy duty Ibuprofen, a leg brace, an ace bandage and crutches. I have been diligently staying off my leg as I never want to feel the level of pain I felt during the past few nights immediately following the fall. So, I'm laying in The Kids bed-he has the firmest mattress around here-leg on a pillow to help cushion things, with two packs of frozen peas on my knee blogging and trying to be productive on-line while Aqua Man and The Kid run around having a "guys day out," as The Kid puts it.

The next step is to follow up and see an Orthopedic Doctor to have my tendions and ligaments checked out. But, wasn't able to make an appointment yesterday as the offices were closed. I'm really hoping that while Aqua Man is home tomorrow for The Kids first, official (as deemed by us-more on that in a later post) day of Kindergarten I can also get chauffeured to an orthopedic doc appointment (Funny thing about a sprained, left knee-it makes driving a stick shift really challenging, and quite painful after wards. GRRRRRRRRRRR.....).

Overall, I know things could have really gone worse, so while I'm thankful nothing was fractured, it does, well, suck. My mobility is limited right now, and I'm prone to pain even while doing almost nothing. My biggest challenge will be staying off my leg as much as possible while managing my day-to-day with The Kid.

One thing I've learned from all of this, though? While looking down at all the endless, frozen bags of peas I've been putting on my knee I've learned that...peas have a lot of protein! A whooping 5 grams in each serving. Who Knew?

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