Friday, August 29, 2008

Best Music Ever To Help Get Me Through An MRI

An Open Thank You Letter to Billy Bragg & Wilco:

Dear Billy Bragg and Wilco,

While I'm quite sure you will never stumble upon this tiny, blog of mine, I still feel compelled to write and to use this as a forum to say "thank you." Although you will most likely never, ever read the words that I write, I hope that after I hit the "Publish Post" button below, you will feel a rush of warm, heartfelt energy coming to you both, where ever you are.

I just wanted to thank you for helping me get through an MRI that I had to have the other evening (stupid, dumb accident in which I hurt my knee...if, by the off, off chance you are reading this, you can go here and here to get some context) to help the doctors figure out the next step-no pun intended-in my course of healing. I do, indeed, very, very much dislike MRI's. I had the unfortunate experience of having an MRI in 2001, and found out the hard way that I am, in fact, claustrophobic. And, well, let's just say that being claustrophobic does not help one become relaxed while in an MRI tube. Right.

So, when I learned that I had to have an MRI--even, an open MRI--for my knee prognosis, I seriously wondered if walking on crutches, having limited mobility, and pain in my knee for the rest of my life might not be that bad?

And that's where you both came in. While reading the "How to Prepare for Your MRI" sheet that I was given--and being seriously disappointed to learn that there would not be a body double provided for me who would volunteer their injured, stunt knee and go through the MRI for me--I was relieved to learn that I could bring a CD of my choice to help pass the time during the 40 minute procedure. That's long, right? That's what I thought,too.

Honestly, I have to fess up and say that (while actively applying denial and avoidance) I forgot all about being able to take a CD with me, and at the last minute I had Aqua Man run to the car and grab our CD holders. I hurriedly flipped through all the choices, "No, no, no. God, no!" Wondering, 'What music does one listen to while in an MRI, while actively trying to suppress a panic attack? Nothing too fast, or too depressing, or annoying, for sure.' And, then I saw it, "Billy Bragg & Wilco: Mermaid Avenue." Your CD. Perfect! Please don't let my last minute choice take away from the importance of your music. I truly, truly could not have made it through this procedure without it, and a lot of deep breathing and guided imagery techniques. All of which went very well with your tunes. Also, I have to say that I was amazed to learn that Jeff Tweedy, leader of Wilco, has been open about the fact that he suffers from panic attacks, and that this was the very CD I picked out to help me cope with not having a panic attack! Without this CD I truly may have left that room, never to have a proper diagnosis. So thank you to both of you for sharing your talent, your musical styles, and thank you to Woody Guthrie for writing such amazing songs.

Below you can find the songs that I listened to while laying "half way" in the MRI (BTW: Before going in, I was told that I would only be put in "half way." My definition of half my body is my waist; their definition of half my body" was just my chest. Quite a few precious inches of a difference!)...

"California" (Video has time delay-ok, you've been forewarned. Still, enjoy!)

"At My Window Sad and Lonely"

"Another Man's Done Gone Key"

"Ingrid Bergman"

"She Came Along To Me"

I had to ask the MRI tech to fast forward "Hoodoo Voodoo" and "Christ for President"-both great songs-because I was getting a leetle bit hyped up! She was a good sport about it all.

Over all, a brilliant CD for the occasion, one in which I hope to never have again. I do, however, look forward to when my knee is healed and I can take a long, proper drive, with all of the windows down, blasting this CD at top volume.

With Much Gratitude (and relief),
Yoga Grl

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