Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Moving On Up

Up until about, um, 2 hours ago I was feeling pretty calm about our move. That is, until I sat down and checked the "to-do list." And despite my very busy day today and lots of running around, the list is still very substantial. Many things need to get done by Saturday, which is when our POD arrives and we officially move in. And a few crucial things need to get done by Friday which is when I will go to the house and clean up before the big move.

Yes, we move three days from today. And, I'm staring to feel a little bit tense about it. Just a leetle bit. How could you tell? Well, my high pitched shrieking at Aqua Man tonight about all of the things that need. to. still. get. done, dammit! Yes, this was probably the first clue.

Yes, logically, I know it will all come together, but, but, but.....they-meaning the people who have been hired by the owners to prep the house for our arrival-aren't done, well, prepping the house for our arrival. And we are moving in on Saturday! Did I say that already? ('What are you doing?!' I want to yell out the few times I've driven by the house over the past three weeks. And I STILL see a work truck there, and still see paint cans and ladders inside the house. 'For f*&k sake, people! The house just needs simple cleaning and painting! You ONLY have to paint a few rooms in a very, very modest size house, clean up a bit, and repair six boards on a back deck. What are you people DOING!?!?')Did I mention that this prep/repair/clean up crew is getting paid overtime to take care of this house? Way to milk the system people. I have to hand it to you there. At any rate, something tells me descending on the house, and yelling this out to the work crew, would not be the best way to start out our new rental relationship. (Yup, I'm quick on the uptake like that.)

I know it will all get done, but, but, but.....they haven't even finished painting the house yet! And, and, they haven't finished repairing the back deck yet! And, what about the yard? Huh? Some damn kids (damn kids!!) toilet papered our soon to be house, and, the current fixer upper/yard crew haven't cleaned it up and it rained this morning and now there is wet, white, smeared toilet paper in the front yard hanging on a big tree, since last Saturday. Yet, I haven't wanted to say anything and step on any toes, seeing that they do officially have two more days until our lease begins to get it all done. BUT, if I drive by tomorrow and see wet, soggy toilet paper hanging in the tree still...

*Insert your favorite expletive here*

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