Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lovin' Crow

So, things have a been a little bit stressful lately. And when I say "a little bit," I actually mean a whole lot.

I'm not very good with stress. I mean some stress? Sure, okay. But an onslaught of it? Um, yea, that's not my trademark for being in the zone. Generally speaking, I like to keep things even keel whenever possible, but circumstances don't always agree with this. (Damn circumstances.) Right now, some of the stress is coming from negative sources and some from positive sources, if you will. Overall it just gives me a general feeling of running a bit on the high side and feeling, well, stressed out.

During times of concentrated stress and much to do, I usually end up shortening my home yoga practice. But during stressful times, I also like to focus on balance poses during the time I do practice. Balance poses help me, literally, get in touch with how balanced or imbalanced I may be in the face of said stress.

So, today I focused on this pose. I've been working on this one for over two years. Originally, it took me about one year to get to the place where I could get myself up and not fall over. (Several face plants were part of my early attempts, for sure!) Over the two years time, I see that the "quality" of my pose reflects the quality of my inner mind frame.

So, today, I was amazed and surprised to learn that I was steady, strong, and able to hold Crow Pose for longer than I ever have before. It was a true revelation to learn that even in the face of lots of stress that I am maintaining my inner balance. And it was only through yoga that I was able to get in touch with this. Truly awesome. And I am very grateful for this surprising knowledge. Yea, Crow Pose!

P.S. I also believe my "inner balance" to be in better shape than I suspected because I recently had several lengthy phone calls with one of my best friends--who shall hence forth be referred to as BFF1--and my sis and bro, as well. Aagh, the sweet relief of venting. Thanks BFF1 and siblings!

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