Thursday, February 14, 2008

Feelin' The Love

Normally, I'm not big on Valentines Day. I won't bore you with the usual critique, rather just insert what you imagine I might say about it here (blah, blah, blah). Okay, that being said, (and by "that" I'm referring to "blah, blah, blah") since The Kid has grown older, most of the mainstream, commercial holidays have gotten a bit more fun. (Okay, a lot more fun.) Sure we put our own spin on them, and insert our values, but you know, we get sucked in...

Take today. Aqua Man and I went to pick The Kid up from school together, and when he ran up to us, I was all, "Hi. How was the party? Did you get some Valentine's? Was it fun passing your Valentine's to your friends? Wow! What's in that big bag? CANDY?! Yea!!!!" (This is me getting "sucked in.")

So, when we arrived home, The Kid decided to dump his bag of cards and candy on the floor, and frankly, it was like a mini-Halloween. A PILE of candy. I couldn't believe the elaborate candy bags that people gave. (I just brought strawberries for the class party, as requested. I guess the kids will know the boring house to avoid.) Anyway, we kinda just went old school by having The Kid give his friends small valentine cards, no candy. Instead of candy, The Kid attached Spider man tatoos onto each card. The "twist" was that the cards were um, not very Valentiney. They had scenes from Spider Man 3 (which none of us has ever even seen, by the way) on them that included ailen-like creatures with foaming mouths, razor sharp teeth, bulging eyes, disfigured limbs, and such. (Aqua Man and The Kid picked them out. I wasn't there.) I was laughing about how anti-valentine these cards were when we were filling them out, and thinking, 'Hmmm, perhaps these were for older kids' (Between giggles, I was all, "Um, Aqua Man, did you even look at the box before you bought them?"). It was even funnier tonight when we compared them to the valentines The Kid received from his friends. For the most part, they were sparkly and sweet with sappy sayings and Disney characters--one other super hero--but definately no other snarling creatures. 
 The Kid also received a Valentine from his awesome teacher. She attached cool stickers onto the card, and on the inside there was a riddle. Playing word games is a regular thing that we love to do, so I shouted out to The Kid and Aqua Man. 

"Okay, here's a riddle from Mrs. Awesome Teacher. Ready?" 

"What travels hundreds of miles but never moves?"

Without one moment of hesitation, The Kid screamed out, "HOT DOGS!!!!"   

See what I mean? The holidays are so much more fun. Here's wishing you love and light and laughter in your part of the world, however it comes your way. 


P.S. To any reader who can't stand not knowing, the answer to the riddle is: Highways.   

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