Monday, February 4, 2008

Five Cents Worth of Scare

Last night The Kid swallowed a nickel while he was in his room--the same damn nickel that we had been telling him ALL DAY LONG to STOP PUTTING IN, NEAR, OR BY HIS MOUTH. The same damn nickel that we had taken away from him earlier in the day. (When he went to bed, he must have taken it and brought it with him as we had no idea that he still had it.) He came running out (thank god), totally freaked out and crying hysterically. We had no idea what had happened to him, and it was a few seconds of being really scared and trying to figure out what was wrong. Thankfully, he was not choking; however he was still able to feel it in his throat, and was totally scared that this object was now inside of his body. We calmed him down, and immediately called our insurance which has a 24-hour nurse available for questions. She ran through what we should and shouldn't do, and what to keep an eye on. Then this morning I called our pediatrician and let her know.

I kept The Kid home with me today in order to make sure things are all good. And now the "fun" begins...and that's all I'm going to say on that front.

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