Saturday, February 2, 2008

Oh, No.

I'm getting a cold/flu. It started last night, and now this morning I'm feeling, not so good. I know, I know. It's not that big of a deal. Besides not wanting to get sick, in general, it's just that Aqua Man's mom is in town visiting, and she is going to take The Kid for a sleep over at his Great-Grandma's place. So, The Kid gets a special night of Grandma and Great-Grandma time. Plenty of spoiling will happen for him tonight!

Aqua Man and I were going to go out alone (yipee!)-something that we rarely do-and now I'm feeling like crap. We also had a family function to attend this afternoon, and guests to entertain back at our house. I know my body and its ability to get over something or get more run down, and right now, I'm feeling the latter.

So, here's my tonic: I'm going to take an easy walk around the block in order to get some sunshine, fresh air, and to raise my immune system. Then, a bit of research. I remember reading an article a few months ago about the benefits of using Apple Cider Vinegar, at the first sign of a cold or flu, in order to help balance your bodies alkaline and pH levels which was said to help your body heal itself. I'd rather try this treatment, first. And if I need something else, later, so be it.

Also, we just found out-three days ago-that Aqua Man's insurance will be changing-and cost $160.00 more per month, beginning March 15th!-and as part of this immediate change over his co-payment card has been cancelled, and a new one has been issued, which we haven't yet received. Um, okay, could you have sent that information out a little quicker regarding the cancellation of cards? What this means is that, as of three days ago, we have to pay out of pocket for any medicine or needed health supplies because our pre-paid, pre-contributed to card has been deactivied until the new one arrives. So far, the mail has not delivered the new card to our mailbox, and today, of course, is the day that some supplies are needed. So all of this will come out of our pocket instead of our pre-paid card. This whole thing with his work's insurance switch is...terrible. The way they told the workers, the lack of choices, the cost. Believe me, though, I realize that we are fortunate to have insurance, especially for our child.

Okay, I better not go down the road of Health Care and Insurance or I'll never get my pH levels balanced! (Healthy thoughts, calming thoughts, healthy thoughts, calming thoughts...)

Wishing a good weekend to all!

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