Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Very Busy Day

This past weekend we met up with some friends and took The Kid and his friend to an event sponsored by the city. This event is highly anticipated in this city and celebrated with people dressing themselves and their kids, dogs, strollers, wagons, and bikes in costumes (and no, just for the record, we don't dress up. Just the kids. Although, if it was possible, I would enjoy dressing my cat up in a little outfit. But alas, he doesn't like to go to crowded city events). There is a parade, air show, and fireworks with lots of food and booths. It's a big to do for this area so we took it all in and stayed out pretty late, especially because we had to wait out a big storm before we could all drive home.

At breakfast the next morning, I sipped my coffee and looked up at The Kid who sat across from us eating a donut, a leftover from our requested snack contribution to his preschool earlier in the week. His mouth was happily filled with donut, crumbs falling out. He was really digging in (probably thinking, 'I better eat this thing before her caffeine kicks in and she realizes she's given me pure sugar before 9:00 a.m. Donuts twice in one week! This is like a Christmas miracle!') with his head down, all focus on that donut.

When he finally lifted his head, and came up for both air and soy milk, I realized that his eyes still looked so sleepy. So I asked, "You look a little tired this morning. Are you still tired?" With a mouthful of donut, he quickly replied, "Well, it's because yesterday I had such a garble-garble day." I swear it sounded like he had said "such an amazing" day, and that choice of words would be, well, amazing. So I asked, "Did you just say you had 'such an amazing day' yesterday?" He paused to take a drink, washing down his donut. It was a clear sacrifice for him to converse with me while a donut was present, but he pushed on.

"No." he corrected, "I said I had a BUSY day yesterday. You know, sitting, then standing, then sitting, then standing. Sitting. Standing...BUSY!"

Yeah, I understand. Busy. Jeez!