Friday, January 18, 2008

Parenting Zen

Almost everyday, I find myself saying things to The Kid that are utterly ridiculous, and make me want to fall out laughing. During most of these moments, I am usually correcting a strange behavior or surreal statement from The Kid. (And believe you me, at almost 5 years old, there seems to be no shortage of these moments lately!) While I realize that I am supposed to be teaching him about right and wrong in these moments, all I really want to do is laugh. Sometimes I want to yell out, "Why, why, why do I have to be the parent right now? I mean, this is funny. Funny, I tell you! "

So, I present you with tonight's moment of "Parenting Zen" which occurred during dinner. (Note: Tonight we had "Breakfast for dinner." This meant Dad's Famous Cinnamon French Toast or DFCFT with fresh strawberries for dinner. Woo-hoo!)

The Scene: We are all sitting at the table eating, all is going well, and The Kid is just about to begin eating his third piece of DFCFT, which is no small thing these days, since he's suddenly reverted to being a very fussy eater. All is going well, good manners are being exhibited, and then...

The Kid: Picks up the syrup bottle, and slowly pours some onto his third piece of DFCFT. He begins to put the bottle back on the table, but instead abruptly lifts the bottle towards his mouth. I see him stick his tongue out and LICK the syrup bottle, right on the cap. Before I can say anything, he sticks his tongue out again, and goes in for a second lick.

Me: "No!! Don't lick the syrup bottle!"

The Kid: Freezing with total surprise at my outburst, quickly regroups and calmly replies, "But mommy. The syrup was dripping!"

"Okay, honey (stifling extreme laughter). Then you can use your napkin to wipe it.

Oh, the wisdom of it all:)