Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back to Blogging

After a long hiatus, just two months shy of a year, I'm ready to write and post again (So, the one, two, or three readers I had about a year ago, hi, I'm back, and thanks for reading!). Springtime always makes me want to write again; the fresh start, the stored up energy ready to finally blossom into something.

For the many months that I've been away,  I've happily become a reader again. Actually reading books! Specifically, novels! Real ones! With covers and everything. Though I used to be a big reader, I really hadn't read many novels since the birth of The Kid, which was seven years ago in March. Yes, that's seven years ago (Obviously, I'm not including the countless children's books that I've read with The Kid over the years). When I did read, I would usually read short stories, blogs, articles on the internet, magazines, and newspapers. So, reading novels again? I see this new development as a very good sign that my memory isn't completely lost and that my intellect is somewhat intact. Though, I have to admit, my memory is often fuzzy these days. Damn peri-menopause. At least that's where I'm laying the blame today. So, it has been really fun to read books again and get drawn into a story, a plot, a set of characters.

Currently, I'm reading, "Night World No. 1: Secret Vampire; Daughters of Darkness; Spellbinder" by L.J. Smith because The Kid personally picked it out for me, and gave it to me as a gift. Let's just pause right here for a moment, to reflect on the cuteness of this. How cute is this? Very Cute. Okay, anyway, he picked this particular book for me because he knows that I enjoy reading about vampires and such. Though this book is for the tween set, I'm enjoying the read, and even more, I'm enjoying giving The Kid updates on the plot and characters, as he is delighted whenever I tell him how "scary" the book is getting.

Over this past year, The Kid has really journeyed into reading, and is continuing his love of story and storytelling. His mind is sharp, observant, and curious, and his heart is still sweet and thoughtful. He is in first grade now, and so many exciting things have occurred for him over this past year. He has a whole new set of friends, activities and interests. He is an amazing kid.

Since last year, we have moved again settling into a new rental home that is cute, clean, lovely, and has a dry basement! It is the roomiest place we have lived in to date (though within the context of our neighborhood, our home is very modest, but a good fit for us right now), and by far the nicest neighborhood we've ever lived in. There are lots of families with kids who live on our block, with good neighbors, good people. It is a unique place, and we are enjoying it. We hope we can keep renting this place for a while.

Over the past year, relationships in my life have changed, as well. Some have shifted, some have grown closer, others have fallen away. Overtime, I've become part of the school and neighborhood community in different ways, and this sense of community has been a welcome bonus of of living in this neighborhood.

Several months ago, I began working part-time outside the home, and Aqua Man has settled into his new career. In so many ways, it feels like we have completely changed our lives; as individuals, as a family, and as a couple. Yet, strangely, in other ways, it seems like we are still just "us." Moving, starting over, and beginning anew, while exciting, are not always easy things to do, and, the process can definitely be tough at times. We are grateful to our family and friends who have helped us in different ways during our relocation and transition over the past (almost) two years.
Though this past year sometimes offered up it's own set of challenges, disappointments, and hard-won change across several areas of my life, I continue to feel grateful, and I realize just how much I have to be thankful for in my life.
Here's to more days of warm weather, fresh starts, and more reading.

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