Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This Was Not Annoying

The Kid's vocabulary and fascination with language are growing rapidly these days. During just these first few weeks of Kindergarten he has become increasingly excited with letters, new words and the meaning of words. He has always been a language kid; he talked at a very early age, he was also fascinated by books and reading at an early age, and now, he's curious and motivated to try and read and write on his own. Still, despite these realities it still kinda throws me for a loop when he throws out an understanding of language that sounds like it should be coming from an older child. Case in point, we were sitting at the table eating lunch together before school today, talking about-meta-ing, if you will-the word "annoying." What does it mean? Why would one use that word? Who would use it? After one attempt to define it for him, The Kid interrupts me and excitedly says, "I'll tell you something that's annoying. If you were a dog and you had a flea on your back, and you couldn't reach it! That's annoying. What? Why are you laughing? I saw it on "Martha Speaks" yesterday. It really was annoying!"

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