Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This Cat Can Really Chill

I love my cat (whom I will refer to as "Kitty" as to protect his anonymity on this blog:) and since I've been spending a lot of time at home these past seven weeks, I appreciate him even more. He's been great company and watching him has been very entertaining. I've noticed while observing his behaviors these past weeks that this cat can really chill! Check him out here, diligently "working" on building his winter fluff. It's a difficult regimen of piling on the calories, non-activity (as much as possible), and lots and lots of napping. Rough, really rough.


Cindy said...

AH, looks like Kitty is really enjoying himself. I hope you are recovering much better. :)

Yoga Grl said...

Hi Cindy. Sorry to have let your comment go for so long. It snuck by me in my inbox. Yes, Kitty definitely knows how to get his nap on :) And, I'm so happy to say that my knee is great! Thanks for asking.
Hope all is well with your jewelry business!