Wednesday, September 17, 2008

History Lesson

I've been hearing it, again and again and again. All day long, since 8:00am this morning, and it's now 2:00pm. And every time, I hear it, I still jump. Grrr. So what the hell am I talking about? Let me answer that question, with another question.

Question: Why, starting as early as 8:00am (grrrr) this morning, have there been loud, scary noises right outside of our windows, surrounding the three local schools we live near, that sound like cannons going off, and guns unloading in the suburbs?

Answer: "Historical War Reenactments." Yes, that's right, historical war reenactments. Going on live, and outside, located on the Middle School field just around the corner from us. And, so far, they've been going strong all day long (grrrr).

Um, I don't want to knock experiential learning, but, uh, hmm, I wonder: might there be a better way to teach history to children rather than blowing off faux cannons and unloading blank firearms? I don't know. Just saying.

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