Saturday, August 16, 2008

Are We There Yet?

The Kid, Aqua Man and I all survived our 1,000 mile + car trip/summer vacation adventure. We drove-yes, DROVE-from Illinois through Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana to finally arrive on beautiful Galveston Island in Galveston, Texas. We had a great time with Aqua Man's family and it was truly one of the best family vacations yet. After our lovely four days on official vaca, we climbed back into our car and drove home again. Without. a. problem. (Let it be known, that if it weren't for our newly purchased travel DVD player, that none of this would have been possible. Best money ever spent. Period.) So, for those of you keeping track, we spent a total of three days on the road, and four days at our destination. Yes, we are wacky like that.

Throughout it all The Kid was an amazing little traveler and I think I see many travel adventures in his future. He hardly ever even asked the dreaded "Are we there yet?" On the drive out, when we first started crossing state lines, he thought we were entering new countries and kept asking, "Mama, what country are we in now?" "How about now?" We did our best to explain that while it may SEEM at times that we were in another country (especially when using certain "bathrooms" along the way), that we were in fact still in the United States of America. Once he began to grasp this concept, he was very excited and wanted to see all of the official state lines and get regular updates on the distance to upcoming states, etc.

My favorite quote from The Kid happened on our drive home. We had just crossed into Tennessee and let him know the state line update. He quietly processed this new information, saying nothing for about 10 minutes or so. Then he suddenly yelled out, "Wait! WAIT. Have we left Mister Sippy yet?!"

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