Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Looks Like We Made It

Here's what's happening lately:

#1: Aqua Man made it through his big meeting last Friday; it was logistically, financially and mentally challenging to pull off, and he kicked ass! No word yet, though, on what this will mean in the long run. What ever the outcome, I'm very proud of him, and inspired by his bravery to step out of his comfort zone and to go for something new that truly interests him.

#2: The Kid turned 5 years old this past Sunday! Happy Birthday to the best kid ever.

#3: Birthday Celebration Number One, this past Sunday, was a success. We had a small party at our house with three friends and family and fun was had by all (It is the first of three mini-celebrations that we are having for The Kid because it turns out to be less expensive, over all, while still including all of his little friends.).

#4: Birthday Celebration Number Two (otherwise known as "We couldn't find a place to host a birthday party for 16 kids, plus parents, that didn't cost a small fortune, and our house is too small for that many bodies, so my mom will bring cupcakes to everyone in my class so all the little friends are included" mini-party): Sugar was had by all, and by 5 year old standards, it was a great success!

#5: I'm beginning to pitch my freelance work again, and moving forward with an idea I have for a small writing project. Overall, I'm feeling positive about both.

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