Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What's Your Dosha, Baby.

Last night instead of vegging out in front of the TV, again, I decided to flip through the latest issue of Yoga Journal and read the article "Pampering with Purpose" by Hillari Dowdle. Considering that I haven't had my haircut in months, my nails look like I've been constantly gardening, or such activity-which I assure you, I haven't been-and that the closest I've come to a "spa treatment" is just brushing my teeth, I'd say I was living very vicariously through this article.

Although I don't frequent spas, (but, hey, I'm not opposed to them. I'm just saying, you know, in case the universe wants to send me on an all inclusive spa-trip.) I am starting to learn more about Ayurveda approaches, and thought this was an interesting article. The author gave a web address to Yoga Journal's on-line site, which will lead you here where you can take a quiz to identify your dominant Dosha(s). You'll also find other links on that page where you can learn more about Doshas and yoga.

So, I took the quiz and my dominant Dosha is a pitta with vata as a close second. I wasn't too surprised to discover this. Although, honestly, I didn't realize I was so intense most (read: all) of the time. Aqua Man assures me that I am. That must be why he's always like, "Hey, are you going to yoga class/getting ready to practice yoga at home? You are? THAT'S GREAT!"

How about you? What's your Dosha?

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