Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Restoration Needed

I'm up and at it a bit earlier than usual this morning in the hope of squeezing in some time to put together ideas for my home yoga practice before everyone wakes up. It's still dark out, and I can hear the wind blowing, a neighbor's wind chime chiming, and slowly a few birds are beginning to wake-up. It's so nice to get up this early, and to have this time to myself.

Two factors influenced me to wake up earlier today and to spend some time both writing and focusing on yoga: stress has been steadily building in several areas of my life lately, and my home yoga practice has become a bit stale. It's sometimes tempting to cut my yoga practice in the short term, but now is when I need it the most.

Last night, when I went to bed, I was thinking about what I might want to practice today. The ideas were mostly focused on arm balances. Today, though, I know what I really need is some restoration to my mind and bodies balance. So, after I drop The Kid off to school I will come home and give myself the time and space--despite my building "to-do" list and the anxiety surrounding it--to take time for my yoga practice. I know from past experience that leaving time for yoga, even in the face of having a lot to do, actually helps me manage the stress better, and ultimately I become more productive and clear minded.

Today, I'll draw on a variety of inspiration to give new life to my home practice. I'll take a few ideas from my studio practice, and here, and here, as well as to just let things evolve for what I may need in the moment. Now, if I can just lay off the coffee this morning so that I can actually lay on the mat...

Here's to restoration!

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