Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What He Won't Do When He Grows Up

This morning we all over slept and started the day off rushed and a bit foggy. Beside the fact that it feels horrible to start the day off by jumping out of bed and running around trying to make up for lost time, it was also a bummer because I had planned to get up before every one else and sneak in an early morning visualization and yoga practice. Um, yeah, that didn't happen. The closest I've come to my yoga mat all day was when I knocked it over as I jumped out of bed this morning. And as far as "visualizing?" This consisted of me thinking, "Where the hell did I put those papers? Where is that damn bag at?" etc, etc.

So along with rushing around, grabbing clothes, getting The Kid settled with breakfast, and getting school and work bags together, we were greeted with the sounds of our Cat-who will be hence forth known as "Cat"- throwing up. Thankfully, Aqua Man found Cat's "present" before any of us stepped in it, and covered it with a paper towel. Unfortunately, The Kid sat eating breakfast in full view of Cat's throw up (oh, yummy), and also in full view of watching his dad clean up the mess.

As I walked into the other room to finish gathering things, I heard The Kid yell out, "EWWWW!!!" "Groooooossss!!!" Then the following:

The Kid: "Daddy?! Mommy?!"

Me and Aqua Man: "Yes?"

The Kid: "When I am a grown up: I will NOT clean up throw up! No way. I will NOT do that. I am NOT going to clean up throw up!"

Me and Aqua Man: "Um. Okay!"
I fully support The Kids new goal and, personally, I try to avoid this one myself when ever possible!

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