Thursday, January 31, 2008

Those Damn Monkey Bars

Yesterday The Kid slipped off the monkey bars while we were at the park and hurt his foot and ankle. He landed hard on one of those faux black top surfaces, the kind that, thankfully, has some cushion to it. I was watching him when he fell, and saw him hit the ground. Hard. When I saw the position of his foot and ankle, I immediately thought that we would be rushing to the doctors. I fully expected him to have a bad sprain, or worse. So I couldn't believe that after he calmed down and I looked at his foot and ankle, that, for the most part, he was okay. He was in a bit of pain, but nothing terrible, and his ankle wasn't hugely swollen as I feared. So last night I elevated his foot, iced it, and put some Arnica Gel on it.

This morning he was still a bit sore and slightly limping. I brought him in to see our pediatrician--we waited for over an hour, which was really annoying--and she said that he most likely strained his Achilles tend ion. So today became all about keeping The Kid off of his foot, which was at times not too bad, and at other times, um, not easy.

Then, even though we called our land lord three days ago to come and fix several things, he decided to show up today to fix everything. Hooray! So, I had The Kid on the couch, totally loopy, and the land lord walking around the house, talking to me. I couldn't put The Kid down for a nap, even though he desperately needed one. And my work? Yeah, not happening. Finally, I just packed The Kid and my laptop in the car in hopes of driving him into a nap, something I haven't done in years. He did fall asleep, and I parked at the local park, opened my lap top, and then realized that all the work I had to do required the Internet. And guess what? They don't have wireless Internet at the park! Just monkey bars, and such. So I packed back up and drove home. Only to come back to an unlocked door and no land lord. Then he came back again and said, "Oops! Sorry I forgot to lock your door." Okay, whatever, everything appeared to still be present and accounted for. It...happens. Then he said,"Oh, and I'll have to come back tomorrow to finish fixing xyz, if I can find the needed parts." So, I was thinking...okay, see you tomorrow then? Same thing, different day? Great!

I was able to transfer The Kid from the car to his bed without him waking up and that's when I realized that today is the last day of January! Crap. That meant I had just one more day to take care of something that I have been putting off--a preliminary talk and a task--for a long, long time. So, I made a phone call to someone, asked some questions, and said what I needed to say. It was something that I did not want to do, but rather, I knew that I had to do. I'm glad I finally did it, but this was just the first step. More will come of it, and this preliminary discussion will lead to another conversation which will probably lead to a further uncomfortable conversation with someone else. I don't like uncomfortable conversations. But, I just couldn't avoid it anymore. *yuck* But, it is, what it is.

So, pretty much, that was my day. And now I'm ready to veg out a bit!

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