Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We Are All A Piece of The Puzzle: Wisdom From The Kid

This morning I drove The Kid around, just to get him out of the house to get a break from his long weekend filled with Bronchitis and coughing and sleepless nights, and, today, another day home sick.

It rained and the windshield wipers set their own rhythm, and we watched the changing scenery driving aimlessly about our town, watching the snow quickly melting, revealing surprising tufts of deep green grass; an unexpected contrast to a few small piles of bright, white snow. As we moved, simply changing our scenery, The Kid's questions and contemplations poured out: "The one thing is, the one thing they just can't answer, is the most important question of all: 'How did it all begin?' Life that is. They say it's the Big Bang theory. But, what made the rocks that banged together in the first place. People keep asking and wondering, but we just really don't know. It fascinates me to think how small we are. A mansion, that seems huge, but in the whole Universe, it's just tiny. I'm tiny. I'm really just one small puzzle piece that is connected to all the larger pieces in the Universe."

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