Thursday, December 11, 2008

Um, Exactly Why Does She Need The Teeth?

Even The Tooth Fairy's job is under question these days, well, at least according to The Kid. He has lost his two bottom teeth within the past 24 hours--one the other evening, and another just yesterday afternoon.

This morning he woke up to discover that The Tooth Fairy had left another envelope under his pillow. It was identical to the first envelope she had left just the other night; it had a red heart on the front of it and inside were two dollars. After discovering this, The Kid walked into the family room, sat in his favorite chair and took a moment to contemplate his good fortune. That thought quickly shifted into contemplating the logistics of The Tooth Fairy's job.

He waved his money back and forth, rocking in the chair, and cautiously asked, "What does The Tooth Fairy eat?" Then he quickly added, "Why does The Tooth Fairy NEED to take the teeth? What does she DO with the teeth?? WHY IS THIS HER JOB?!?!"

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