Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2.3 Seconds of this.....

Yesterday, I was goofing around with arm balance poses, and I was actually able to get into this and hold it. For all of about 2.3 seconds. Now, believe me, it wasn't nearly as pretty as that picture. But, I did it! And it was an awesome 2.3 seconds at that. It was really exciting, and surprising, to discover balance and strength that I didn't know I had. I truly had no idea I could do this. 
Aqua Man and I are going through a really trying time right now regarding work, and a possible relocation. Lots of unknowns and maybes and wait and sees. It has required a lot of mental and spiritual fortitude to stay in the moment, to stay positive and to stay detached from a pre-determined outcome that we may think is "the answer."  Honestly, as the waves of maybes and who-knows have come, I haven't always been able to ride them very smoothly. 

Recently, one of my best friends--I'll call her CaliGirl--sent me an email last week with some words of encouragement. She is very wise and funny and always there to share an honest, strong, and positive mind-frame with me. Her words were few and poignant, and they really resonated with me. So I adopted them as my personal mantra. By now, I've probably repeated them about a thousand times: "I affirm the highest and the best for myself and my family." Over and over I repeat these words. While I'm meditating, and any time my mind wanders to the unknown, or fantasies of what may be, I've brought my mind back to these words; "I affirm the highest and the best for myself and my family." 

I can feel a difference from internalizing these words, a shift in my perspective. A focus on calling into my life-our lives-what ever the highest and the best will be. This feels very different from trying to make something work, or spending my time wanting a particular outcome. When I loosen my resistance and practice this perspective, it is freeing, and surprisingly revitalizing. I'm thinking this internal shift has something to do with me unknowingly cultivating a bit more strength and balance, which I discovered in Side Crane yesterday. 

I so appreciate yoga and the lessons it brings. And I am so grateful for my friend, CaliGirl, who is always, always there, for me and with me, along this crazy journey. I am also grateful to my other friends, near and far, who inspire me in so many ways that they aren't even aware of. 

Oh, yea. And I'm also grateful for coffee cause' I can't live without it. I'm just saying. 


Anonymous said...

Nice post! That pose looks amazing, I am not sure how once can pull it off--what with gravity and all!!

Yoga Grl said...

Thanks for stopping by :) Yes, you can imagine my surprise when I found myself hanging out for those precious seconds!

ChiliLady said...

...just discovered your blog and it's awesome! i did add your blog to my favourits and i'm looking forward for entries!
hope you have a great day!
chililady from austria

Yoga Grl said...

Hi Chililady! Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words. I'm happy to know you are reading...and a great day to you, too :)

Teach Children's Yoga said...

I love the way fractions of a second come into play when doing yoga!
Just stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed it. I can just imagine those Spider-man Valentine's cards going to all the kids! Great.

Yoga Grl said...

hi, teach children's yoga, and welcome! thanks for stopping by and for your comments.